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Changing photos on extraction from Google Photo

I am trying to move my photos from Google Photo into another place. I have tried two ways:
1) into another Google Photo account
2) into Google Drive (on another account)
In both cases I have the same problem. Photos become smaller and they lost geotag info.

For example. I have photo file (storing in original quality) in Google Photo with size of 2.5 Mb and with geotag. After transferring it becomes 0.5 Mb and without geotag.

I think MultCloud exctracts photos with some incorrect way. With compression and with omitting geotag info.

How can I transfer my photos without compression and without loosing geotags?


  • @Mladshij, MultCloud access and transfer photos via the API of Google Photos. However, the API of Google Photos doesn't offer the metadata (date, geotag, and so on), so MultCloud can't transfer them.
    As for size, the API of Google Photos will compress these photos when downloading them via API.
    This is the limit of Google's API. MultCloud can't solve it.
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