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Copy Fail - Shared drive to Drive

I am premium user for MultCloud, and I am trying to copy files from google shared drive to my drive with same folder structure. It copied the files but all the files from multiple folder at source to one single folder at destination. But I would like to copy it with same file structure. And from then after when ever I try to copy files it keep throwing error "Thank you for subscribing our service. You now have a Maximum of 10 files transferring simultaneously." But there are no other copies are going on. Is any one facing same issue.


  • @Tem, "I would like to copy it with same file structure."---Please try the sync features.
  • I am also getting this error message. I chose the "transfer" option to go from Box to Dropbox, and I added the transfer from my android app. I am also a lifetime premium subscriber, and I have another sync task running between Google Photos and Google Drive that I started from my desktop.

    Another weird issue is that the task I added from my desktop does not show in my android app. HOWEVER, the task that I added from my android app DOES show on my desktop...?!?!? 
  • I figured out that the android app does not show sync tasks, only transfer tasks. Hopefully sync will be added.
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