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Sync between Google Photo Accounts

I am new and sorry if this has been asked before.

Due to space issue I was looking to use multcloud to sync from an old g suite legacy photo account approx 5 GB to a gmail photo account

I set up to copy photos and albums to the new gmail account. and when this was completed the new gmail account showed up as over 100GB.

Am I right in thinking that if albums that are shared with me by other users that the contents would be transferred (i.e. My Daughter has shared and album with me).

also the transferred photos some have retained their original date and some have been changed to the date that I started the task.

I look forward to hearing from someone regarding these issues. 


  • @Geoffj59, We check the logs of your account. It seems that you transfer from Google Photos to another Google Photos. 
    "sync from an old g suite legacy photo account approx 5 GB"---Did you mean that there are only 5gb photos under Google Photos Geoff\Photos and Google Photos Geoff\Albums? Could you login to google official site to check the used space and take a screenshot to us?
    According to the log, it seems that there are about 100gb data.
    In addition, MultCloud currently can't save the original date of photos when transferring them to the destination. 
    "some have retained their original date"---Are there same photos between the source and destination?
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