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-- List of issues/suggestions needed to be addressed: (V1.1) --

These suggestions/issues has been flagged to our attention and will be shared with the development team:
Adding Clouds:
Add Cloud: Wasabi.com
Support Shared Drives: Google

Remote Upload:
URL doesn't parse correctly, try to use wget function instead.
Remote Upload Speeds need improvements

Plan Options:
MultCloud Enterprise Subscription?
Netherlands Servers?
Try to compete against other cloud leading providers?

Visual Improvements:
New Version of Web UI -> Sub Accounts -> Add User, change wording from |existed| to |existing|

Transfer Improvements:
Remove sync limit/concurrent tasks if server allows, making short tasks able to complete faster. 
Improve speeds upon transferring
More Servers capable of transferring files quickly

I'm not too worried about the torrenting linux isos and magnet links at the moment, the server speeds are brought to our attention.
This speed issue could be due to people creating multiple MultCloud Accounts to bypass the free 30GB limit/month, which is phenomenal.


  • @Jnsystems, Thank you so much. We will submit them to our dev team.
  • 7. I hope terabox will release api
  • What about 2 factor Authentication??? 
  • Can you add MS sharepoints, everytime I move anything from Site (sharepoints) to My Drive (One Drive). Microsoft functions badly and misses many files  ??
  • @SolluSITES -> Thanks for notifying us, added to the development list.
    @kingbros007 -> Thanks for notifying us, added to the development list, this shouldn't be too hard but time consuming to add in because Mircosoft is being wierd.
  • GREAT!!! Excellent... 2FA is a MANDATORY feature, as we use 2FA on ALL our accounts and MultCloud becomes a CRITICAL threatening factor to the security of our files... Please, implement this urgently... :) 
  • Our dev team is developing the feature.
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