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MediaFire's security measure is preventing MultiCloud from login in

I am located in South East Asia, as MultiCloud service is located in the US (as told by MediaFire's security email), this has automatically triggered MediaFire's security and blocked MultiCloud from connecting.

I do not aware of any MediaFire settings that can cancel such security measure; so it appear MultiCloud will need to contact MediaFire to come out with a working plan to link with each other.

So there seems to be nothing we can do at user's side for now.


  • @Nanasshit, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have contacted the support of Mediafire to check the problem. But, Mediafire doesn't give us a response until now. We will continue to contact them.
  • There is the same problem here from Germany. Is there a solution in sight?
  • @Zeitkopie, Sorry for the inconvenience. There is temporarily no solution for the error. Please contact the support of Mediafire to check your account.
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    MediaFire's stringent security measures are currently causing login issues for MultiCloud. While it's frustrating, these safeguards are crucial for protecting user data. Collaborative efforts between both platforms can resolve this inconvenience swiftly.

  • @Lexiluna59, The problem is caused by the Account Login Protection System of Mediafire that Prevent From Robot and Unauthorized Login To Your account. So must be Verify From Same Requested Login Location.
    Mediafire offers a solution:
    When adding your MediaFire to MultiCloud, you will receive an email (in mediafire account email) that contains a Location Name that Requested For Login to Mediafire. Then, you must use a VPN Connection to this Location and then click to the Provided Link in Email, Its For Verifying that Your Account Owner. and after it you can Add Successfully your Account to MultiCloud.
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