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MediaFire's security measure is preventing MultiCloud from login in

I am located in South East Asia, as MultiCloud service is located in the US (as told by MediaFire's security email), this has automatically triggered MediaFire's security and blocked MultiCloud from connecting.

I do not aware of any MediaFire settings that can cancel such security measure; so it appear MultiCloud will need to contact MediaFire to come out with a working plan to link with each other.

So there seems to be nothing we can do at user's side for now.


  • @Nanasshit, Sorry for the inconvenience. We have contacted the support of Mediafire to check the problem. But, Mediafire doesn't give us a response until now. We will continue to contact them.
  • There is the same problem here from Germany. Is there a solution in sight?
  • @Zeitkopie, Sorry for the inconvenience. There is temporarily no solution for the error. Please contact the support of Mediafire to check your account.
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