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Slow transfer

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I'm doing my initial transfer from onedrive to dropbox.  I'm on a fairly fast internet connection but it's only transferring at 476.6kb/s.  (Correction:  476.6kb/s is the average, current rate is 0.0) It's telling me it's estimating about 1day and 3 hours.  I started yesterday at 7am.  It's been a full 24 and it's only at 41% is this normal?  It's transferring 73Gb.


  • Here's a screenhot of the details

  • @Bhoffman, Have you completed the transfer now?
    As for the speed, a lot of factors should be taken into account, like the size of your files, the type of your files, the number of the files, the type of your clouds, the API restrictions of the cloud providers to third-party services like MultCloud, and so on. For example, if the big size folder you transferred has too many and too small files, then it would take much time to count these files. Actually, you can see the changes of the files number to measure the speed.
  • I got it figured out
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