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Transferring Video from Google Drive to FTP [stuck]

I can't transfer a simple 100MB video file from GDrive to FTP.
Files are listed in the FTP and there is no problem in log in FTP but when I copy and paste, it just stucked!!!

MultCloud account: [email protected]


  • @Yasin, "it just stucked!!!"---Did you mean that the process is stuck? Could you cancel it and try again?
  • edited February 24
    @Admin Yes I can
    I cancel and try again...
    but no difference
  • @Yasin, Could you take screenshots so that we check? In addition, could you try to put the video file to a folder, and then use the Cloud Transfer feature to transfer the folder?
  • edited February 24
  • @Admin Transferring the folder didn't work too.
  • @Yasin, Please contact our support team and offer your MultCloud account so that they check the problem further.
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