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I'm trying to implement a two way sync between MEGA and Google Drive. I can set up the sync task but no matter how similar is the file structure (they are indeed already sync'ed) between them, Multcloud doesn't skip existing files between both cloud storage providers and tries to process all files in a side and overwrite then in the other side.

Why does it occur? What am I doing wrong?


  • @Aguinaldoabbj, Sorry to reply to you late. Did you mean that there are some same files between the mega and google drive? same name. size and time?
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    Thanks for coming to this thread, @Admin .
    When I was testing, I noticed in two way sync that file syncing was always taking too long.
    Now, my google drive and MEGA have rigorously the same files (I've synced the manualy with rsync). However if I start a two way sync task (my intention is to sync them 2 times a day with a scheduled task), Multcloud starts to transfer all files to google drive again, overwriting all existent files, as it is not checking target file structure. I know that is occurring because the wo way sync task is halted because of MEGA's daily bandwidth limitations... Why is it happening? If both cloud drives have the same files, I'd expect that a two way sync task is supposed check file structure in both sides any file transfering...

  • @Aguinaldoabbj, MultCloud will sync all files when you run the sync task for the first time. For the same files, it will overwrite them for the first time sync. 
  • @Admin Only for the first sync? If a schedule the 2-way sync twice a day, after the first sync, directories of the two clouds are going to be synced without a massive file transfer between them?
    The problem is that for this first sync, the process hangs because the daily bandwidth limit in MEGA is exceeded...
  • @Aguinaldoabbj, When the first sync is completed, it will only sync changed data when you run the sync task again.
    "the process hangs because the daily bandwidth limit in MEGA is exceeded"---Sorry that we can't handle the limit. You can try to run the sync task again the next day.
  • I've tried that. The task fails everytime. The shown sync percentage is unreal (2000%, 7000%). 
  • @Aguinaldoabbj, We check the failed logs, it shows two errors:
    "The bandwidth exceeds, please upgrade your mega account."----Mega limits the bandwidth for free Mega account. When the transfer from Mega reaches the bandwidth, then you will get the error. You can wait for hours, then transfer again. Or, upgrade your mega account to VIP. 
    "Not available to transfer application/ from Google Drive"---It means that the google document doesn't support being transferred. You can check if you can download the google document.
    Please click Menu-->View Logs to check the error list.
    As for the sync percentage of two-way sync, it indeed will over 100%. We will optimize it after.
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