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Google Photos transfer doesn't copy "Date Taken" or "Description" meta-data

I have just tested the copy of a Google Photos album from one account to a second, it copied the the album with the correct name and the contained images, but the Description wasn't copied and the Date/Time of the image in Google, essentially the date taken and where it appears in the main stream of photos, used today's date (the date of transfer) and not the date of the original images.


  • I haven't yet checked to see if Geo data is, or isn't, transferred in this way also?
  • I have just test copied a second album.
    SOME time stamps are the date taken, but others are still set to the time and date of transfer (today/now).
    Geo-location data is not being copied.
    Descriptions are not being copied.
  • Hello Ghaing,
    The API of Google Photos doesn't offer the feature to save the original data, description, and Geo-location. So, MultCloud can't transfer these properties of photos.
  • Hi Admin, thanks for your response. Can you be more specific when you say "original data"? The image itself is original data for instance.

    I have been looking at the Google Photos API documentation and there is a description attribute.

    I see there is no option at all for Geo location which is very upsettings.

    This doesn't explain why, when copying over just a single Album, the dates are a mish-mash of correct and incorrect. Some being the date taken, some just 1 day later, and others being the date/time of the migration using MultCloud?
  • @Ghaing, Sorry that it is "original date". 
    Generally, when you transfer from Google Photos to another, it will not retain the original date. The date will be the date/time of transfer.  Are there some same photos in the source and destination before you run the transfer? For the same photos, MultCloud will skip them to transfer.
  • While there may be some images that are in both locations, these are not. The images/albums I am first testing with are strictly only in the source. Furthermore, even if they were in the destination, which they're not, their date would not be "today's date" when they were taken way back in September.

    Additionally, I have made sure to pick an album where all images were taken on the same device (mobile) uploaded to Google Photos (source) with the same method (Google Photos mobile app) and their date had not been altered since being on Google Photos. Unless there is something I have missed, this indicates there is definitely something wrong with the MultCloud migration that has taken place?
  • @Ghaing, Could you try to delete the album you copy to the target Google Photos and then transfer it again? Please use the "Cloud Transfer" feature to create a transfer task to select an album of the source Google Photos to the target Google Photos. Then, please check if the date of the transferred photos is changed to the transfer time.
    We test that it is no problem in our google photos.
  • I just tried MultiCloud Free to Sync GooglePhotos to OneDrive and found that the date is not maintained.  That's sad.   I was about to buy it for a month to transfer everything but now need to try others.  

    [picbackman says "Keep meta data of Photos intact during migration (*)" but what does that star mean? There is no legend. So I don't know if others can maintain the date and metadata or not.]
  • @Wwcanoer, The API of Google Photos and OneDrive doesn't offer the feature to maintain the date and metadata. So, MultCloud can't transfer the date and metadata of photos.
  • edited May 2023
    @Admin When you view your Google Photos in MultCloud, there is a correct date present, so apparently MultCloud indeed DOES have the access to the date taken, but just doesn't sync it.

    @Wwcanoer do you know of any other service, which would be able to sync including the dates?

  • The solution is https://metadatafixer.com/. But it requires that you -don't- use Multcloud, and use Google Takeout > download your Google Photos to your computer > run Metadata Fixer > Upload all the files to iCloud.

    Absolutely frustrating that Google does not allow this information to be copied on export.

    Also very frustrating that I just bought 1 years worth of Multcloud to transfer my photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos and it cannot be done correctly. Metadata is so critical when transferring large amounts of media; it goes without saying.

    @ Admins here - please report this back to your product team. It should be mentioned clearly somewhere that this will occur, if it's a known issue.

    Hope this helps others from making the same mistake as me :neutral:
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