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Thank you very much for the service! I am sending huge video files from Dropbox to FTP servers of my clients on daily basis. I'm currently approaching 3TB of data transfered in last month or so. The transfers are stable and if there is a failed transfer, I am clearly notified. I wouldn't be able to transfer such amount of data using my own bandwidth. Other services like Mover or Auto File Move charge arm and leg for transfering such large amount of data! MultCloud really makes my production workflow much quicker and easier image


  • Harvepino do u have a paid account ? And if so which speeds to you manage to achieve ? What is preventing me to subscribe is the total absence of any reference to the "higher speeds" I should be able to achieve. As I can see many people are asking MultCloud to clarify "higher speeds" and to clearly say how fast we can transfer files from cloud to cloud. In my specific case I will need to transfer a rather big amount of data and of course I need to know upfront (before paying) how fast I will be able to go.

  • I am so pleased to have discovered this facility and use it whenever I need to shift large volumes of data around the cloud. It will become more and more important as we all move to rely upon the cloud for our data storage/management. The speed is not so much of an issue since we are not paying for the bandwidth so l ong as it is comparable to what we can expect at home. The file overwrite parameters are good and certainly better than Microsoft's OneDrive where you cannot even transfer empty directories/overwrite files etc.

    Simply 5*s and well worth it.

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