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Transferring to Shared Google Drive

Milt cloud doesn’t allow me to add a Shared Google Drive as my destination for transferring files. Is there any fix for this? I have the highest access available but there’s no shard drive owner.


  • Hello Vdeltas,
    MultCloud currently doesn't support Shared Google Drive. We will add it in the near future.
  • Really need that! ??
  • Just to clarify please, MultCloud won't see shared files/folders in Google Drive on the source or destination.  Is that correct?  Thank you.
  • @Mfreeman, MultCloud currently doesn't support shared files/folders of Google Drive. We will add it in the future.
  • Can the support team please provide us with an ETA on this feature? Thank you.
  • I have one folder with thousand of sub-foders, which one have subfolders etc. ...
    How can I stop sharing all the files and folders in one time. When I supress for one folder it remains for the subfolders on Google Drive
  • @Ytd This is not the thread for your question. Please create a new thread.

    @Admin Please provide an update or ETA on this feature which has been promised for about 2 years now. Thanks
  • @Wayne, We have added it to the development plan this year.
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