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Google Workspace Folder Transfer to Another User Within Same Organization

I need to transfer 190GB of files from one Google Workspace user to another user within the same organization. There are about 20 top level folders that I need to transfer. All these top level folders are owned by the same user. Inside the top level folders are subfolders and files that are owned by other users. It's not a Shared Drive.

What I would like to know is what happens to those subfolders and files owned by other users. Are they transferred too? Ultimately, I want to delete the files and folders from the source once the transfer has happened and then re-assign new group permissions on the transferred folders.

Thank you.



  • Here is what I am hoping to achieve. I don't even know if it is possible.

    - Transfer top level folders to another user within the same Google Workspace organization.
    - Not all subfolders and files aren't owned by the source user.
    - The ownership of the transferred folders and files needs to be changed to the destination user.
    - All sharing needs to be removed from the transferred folders and files.
  • Hello Johnb,
    Geneally, all users under the Gsuite will be shown as folders under MultCloud. You can transfer the folders under the "user" folder to another "user" folder. 
    MultCloud can't transfer the permission.
    MultCloud can't list and transfer the Share folders.

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