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How do i un-sync two google drives previously synced with multcloud?

I have synced 2 google drives but need to un-sync them, how? :-)


  • Hello,
    Sorry that we don't quite understand what you mean. What sync way did you use?
    Do you want to put the data back to the original drive?
  • hi, i used the 'cloud sync' function to sync 2 separate google drives; now i've realised i would like them to be separate again - not synced - meaning not 'merged' - meaning to take the source drive out of the destination drive; am i making sense? :-)
  • hi, any solutions ?
  • @JDK, If you use the simple sync feature, it doesn't delete the data from the source drive. So, you only need to delete the synced files from the target drive. 
    If you have deleted the original data from the source drive, you can create a new sync task to sync from the destination to the source again.
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