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Addin Mega Professional II Account error

edited October 2020 in Seek Help
I have PRO II 8TB account and I can't add my account to multcloud. I have contacted support and given my credentials to check:
The answer is: 
Hi Tarkan Bulan,
We just checked your account, there are two many files, MultCloud cannot list them. Sorry, there is no solution unless you reduce the files.

Can you be more specific about number of files? If I have 8TB space in order to collect by your service (unlimited) to transfer from onedrive (1 TB), yandex (3TB), gdrive (1TB) and dropbox (2 TB) . It sounds to me weird.

Can you help me?

PS: goodysnc can connect and operate.



  • Hello,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. When there are too many files (over 100000 files) in Mega, it will take a long time to list all files. But, when the load time is too long, it might fail. Our technician will optimize the problem after. 
  • Please try  to look at Goodsync it is achieving the same task without error. (suggestiıon)

  • Thanks for your feedback. We will optimize it after.
  • Hi, my attempt to use GoodSync failed to ADD. Is this feature only available for paid multcould accounts or ALL?
    Is it possible to expand the help to include goodsync not just Synology NAS?
  • @987654321, It seems that GoodSync is not a cloud drive or NAS. Please explain your question further.
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