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Transfer seems to have stopped

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Hi, Started a transfer using the unlimited plan (paid for) transferring 300gb of files from box.com (business) to Google Drive (GSuite).  Started off real nicely.  But got to 18% and was transferring a 3gb .MOV file which it says transferred 100% and then seems to have stopped.  I know this as I've been keeping an eye on it and it hasn't progressed according to the details view of the transfer - current rate is 0 and the number of files processed is the same as it was 3 hours ago.  Can anyone explain what is going on here and how to fix this seeming problem.  I've checked the file on the destination drive and it is there and working so it did transfer over as the graphic below says.  But nothing is happening now for at least over 3 hours (and probably longer).



  • Hello Jsfry,
    We check your email. It seems that the problem has been solved via re-adding the Box and Google drive.
  • Hello, I started a transfer of my Gmail (6.12 GB) to my OneDrive (via MultCloud Email Migration) using the monthly plan (paid for). I am tracking the progress of the transfer on my MultCloud task list. The transfer started off nicely and got to 7%. Now it seems to have stopped because the transfer is still at 7% and the number of files transferred are the same as when it reached 7%. Can anyone explain what is going on here and how to fix this problem?
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