Please add Evernote and Mega Drive New Zealand

Hi from another newbee,

I have seen Evernote on a number of other Multicloud management platforms, so I would also support the suggestion for Evernote that has been posted already. We use two Evernote accounts....

The other is the cloud provider "MEGA" (mega:///#start) where I have most of my data because they have good privacy technology and free 50GB of storage. It would be great if I could access those data through Multcloud.

Regarding the numerous requests for NAS storage drives, I would suggest using WebDAV as a connector. Most NAS boxes have the capability to implement WebDAV access.

Another issue I have that I could not access the Multcloud File Manager Menu using the UC Browser App on my smartphone. I had to install Chrome, (which I hate, because it is Google) just in order to be able to use the File Manager. Is that a Multcloud issue or a UC-Browser issue?

But apart from this, I think this is a great service. I have migrated, because Primadesk is stopping service, and I think it is equally good.


  • Hi again!

    I see that now you have added both Evernote and MegaDrive. GREAT WORK! Now the service is perfect for me, Thanks a lot!

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