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MultCloud Dark theme

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Hello, I have wrote a Dark theme for MultCloud with CSS, it really took me months and I really put much effort into it, I tried to gift it to Multcloud team so they can use it to make their dark theme for the website but I didn't get a great response so I passed on on that.

Here's a short view of the theme 

Now I have a question, and it's probably for the admins of this forum, can I share this theme here on the Multcloud forum? It's on the (userstyles) website and people will have to only download stylus (not stylish) extension and then download the theme I made from the (userstyles) website, and it's totally safe because it's only css code.

Thank you.


  • Hello OsamaJT
    Good Day!
    You design looks pretty cool and it is our pleasure to have talented users like you.
    You can take more screenshots of the theme and send them to [email protected].
    We're actually working on our new theme and your idea may give our artist some good ideas!
    Thank you!
  • Thank you Admin, sure I would, but I have mentioned before that I contacted to give this completely as a gift but I got a not really great response on that.

    I'm going to send to that email though, anyway, can I share it here for the mean time? because I swear it took a lot a lot of time, I even customized every single link for the website, so can I please?
  • Hi OsamaJT, Thanks for your efforts. Our technician might be unable to use your css code. But, If you don't mind, you can share it to us so that our technician refer to it. 
    Yes, you can share it in the forum. 
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    Thank you, I'm aware that my css won't be used as it is, and I have contacted the e-mail you have provided and I'm waiting for response.
  • edited September 2020
    Thank you for allowing me to share it.

    anybody interested in the theme you can download it from here: 

    you have to have stylus extension downloaded first, you can find it in the all browser stores.
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