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Transferring Google Drive folder that was shared with me

I recently received a "shared" Google Drive from Legacy Box (they digitize old photographs, films, etc.).  I want to move all of these files to Dropbox, but the shared Drive doesn't appear as an option to transfer.  I know I could download all of the files manually, but I decided to pay for MultCloud specifically to avoid having to do this (and specifically because I knew Legacy Box uses Google Drive.). Help!


  • Hello Bhamgraham,
    MultCloud currently doesn't list the Shared drive of google drive. It only can list the files under My Drive.
    Maybe you can try to use URL Upload to download file from the shared link to dropbox.
  • I have the same problem. I need to be able to see and sync a shared Google Drive within my primary Google Drive folder, but the folder isn't 'visible'. This severely diminishes the value of MultCloud for me.

    Is there a workaround for being able to see and sync shared google drives? 
  • I have the same issue.  My Shared Drives are not visibile to me.
  • MultCloud currently doesn't list the Shared drive of Google. We will add it in the near future.
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