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does multcloud have a number

I have emailed multcloud several times over a week for my refund and they keep telling me they have refunded me and they haven't. I am tired of emailing them and getting nowhere so is there a way I can call? It has been two weeks and I still have not received my refund.


  • Hi Midian36,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. We check that your order (230754004) has been refunded a few days ago. If you still don't receive a refund, please contact your bank to check further.
  • As I said my bank cannot do anything until the refund is posted. Now if you have a confirmation number then I could give that to them but an order number is not going to suffice unless that is the confirmation number. I mean no harm but all the trouble I have had with the person I spoke to I do not trust anyone from this company. I want proof.
  • We send you the refund invoice via private message. Please check.
  • That is the incorrect amount. I spent 119.90 for a year's subscription.
  • I just talked to my bank and I owe you the deepest apologies. I thought I had bought a yearly subscription and that was what you charged me but you charged me monthly so again I deeply apologize. I think it is time for new glasses. lol
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