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Several issues transferring Google Photos to One Drive, to the point I can't trust the service.

I am trying to move from as much Google hosts service as possible. One of the biggest challenges I have had was my photos. I am a photographer part time and have about 18,000 photos backed up to Google Photos.

Clearly, I don't want to have to download everything and reupload. At my internet speed, that'd take probably 3 weeks straight or more. I decided to pay for Multcloud service as it could do it in the background for me. Even if it took awhile, it didn't require the use my home internet and an always on PC.

I setup the transfer and it completed in about 20 hours, which was great, Until I started looking more into it. I received several emails stating that something had failed, but when I went to check the status of the task, it was still going, so I was confused what had happened.

After I got the successful job notification, I compared a few things. To start with the photos that ended up in OneDrive were about 1000 less than what exists in Google Photos.

Secondly, The total storage space in Photos is around 160 GB; however, the transfer traffic on Multcloud only says 85GB. I wasn't expecting it to match up exactly, but both of these numbers are way off. I paid for the higher Multcloud plan to account for the extra bandwidth.

A few other things - on many photos, the transfer seemingly stripped some of the metadata of the photos, such as data taken. It put them all as taken date of the date I transferred them. I checked to be sure that info exists in Google Photos properly and it does.

Also, there are MANY photos that duplicated and triplicated in OneDrive now .Before the transfer, I had ZERO photos in OneDrive, so it isnt because I had them 2 places.

At the end of it all, I guess I absolutely cannot trust MultCloud service to transfer all of my files properly and am relegated to transferring everything manually so I know it is right. Here is a tip, don't CHARGE for a service if it doesn't work properly. I would have been fine with a few issues, but these numbers are an utter failure.


  • Hi Shelzmike,
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    We check that the failed log of your account. It shows that some files transfer failed with the error:  404 {"error":{"code":404,"message":"The provided ID does not match any media items.","status":"NOT_FOUND"}}
    Please check if the failed files are in the Google Photos or they can be accessed via MultCloud (such as Download).
    As for the time of photos, the API of OneDrive doesn't have the feature to save the original date of files. So, the date of files will be changed to the time of transfer.

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