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Transfer of pictures looses the Date metadata (Taken, Created and Modified)

I have just transfered some pictures, and the date metadata for the pictures all changed.

This makes it hard to sort the pictures taken


  • Is there anyway to preserve the modified date for all files transferred?  It seems critical to be able to maintain file modified date

  • Hi MultCloud support,

    I see this is an old issue with your offering, that still persists today.
    There are several forum thread on this topic, but this one the one that applies to my case the most.
    Preserving the creation date of the files is of critical importance for a well organized photo database.

    Are there any plans to fix this problem?

    Thank you
  • @HOctav, There is a option "Keep file modification date(Supports Dropbox, Google Drive, G Suite)." under Cloud Transfer feature. It only is valid when you transfer data to  Dropbox, Google Drive or G Suite.
    The API of other cloud services don't offer the feature to save original date.
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