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[Q] how to prevent root folder generation on target drive with Transfer or Backup Service

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Using "Transfer or Backup Service" and wanting to transfer multiple directories from source to target I would want to choose all directories/folder on the source drive, which leaves only the option to choose the root at source. Sor far so good, but then during sync with the traget the sync process is generating a root folder at the target named after the source, which is not desirable since not mirroring the folder structure from the source.

How to prevent this root folder creation at target?


  • The way you suggest I can only transfer each folder individually. In this case I would have to generate 3 individual transfers, one for each folder.

    If I want to transfers those 3 folders as bulk in 1 transfer then the only option is to choose the root (in this sample OneDrive) at the source and then OneDrive is being established as a root folder at the target. Which does not make sense because the root source is not folder and thus not be generated as a folder at the target, if I want to mirror the folder structure from the source 1:1 at the target.

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