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Cloud merge

I have a folder with multiple folders and files under it on OneDrive for Business.  I have the identical file structure in a Google Drive account.  I need files from OneDrive to be merged into the matching structure on Google Drive, and if it finds a file with a matching file name, to rename the file coming in from the source.  I"ve tried cloud transfer but it just puts a copy of the upper most source folder under the matching folder in the destination, renames it FolderName(1) and copies all of the contents from the source under FolderName(1).  Will Cloud sync accomplish this and if so, what kind of sync will do it?


  • I am not sure what the identical file structure means. Do you mean OneDrive for Business and Google Drive both have files and folders or the files and the folders have exactly the same names in two different cloud drives? Can you please send us the screenshots of the contents in your cloud drives?
  • the folder structure is the same in both cloud drives , GHS\Clients\ADEC\......; GHS\clients\msop\....
  • @444cboyd
    If you choose the Cloud Transfer feature to transfer the files/folders from one cloud to another cloud, the files will be transferred to the destination including the directories themselves. If you choose the Cloud Sync feature, only the files in the directories will be transferred to the destination.
    However, the Cloud Sync feature doesn't support renaming the files. If there are files with the same names in the target cloud and the files have not been modified before, then the files will not be transferred to the target cloud. If the files have been modified before, then the files with the same names in the destination will be updated to the newest versions.

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