2 MultiCloud accounts : one Gmail-login second with Google+ login.

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When I was testing with MultiCloud I, probably accidentally image, created a 2nd MultiCloud account.
Now I have two accounts, with the first (not empty !) I login with gmail-address and password, with the second (empty !) I login with Google+ (same user as the gmail-address).
Can I convert everything into one account with both ways of login?
Without the need to re-setup the account and loosing MultiCloud data image


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reaction.

    But I wasn't looking to combine the two accounts, just delete one (who is empty and that's no problem) but after that I want to be able to login with both methods (mail-adres and Google+) to open the same and only one account I use. 

    Don't be sorry for a great service !

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