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Mega.nz tranfers fail, even on a new Mega account with no prior tranfers!

I've been trying to transfer files to/fro Mega.nz for quite a while now. My transfers fail with an error "The bandwidth exceeds, please upgrade your mega account."

This happens even if the Mega account in question has no used transfer/usage quota, leading me to believe the error originates from Multcloud.

I would really appreciate if Aomei or anyone else here could help me out. Thanks!


  • @Pra009, sorry for the inconvenience. Are you using a free Mega account? If so, that's the problem.
    Mega limits the bandwidth for free Mega account. When the transfer from Mega reaches the bandwidth, then you will get the error. You can wait for hours, then transfer again. Or, upgrade your mega account to VIP. Attached please find the limits for free account. 
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    @AomeiMultcloud , as I said, the account I'm using has had no prior upload/download bandwidth used. Moreover, I'm able to download and upload files using the same account that Multcloud gives the error for, from my own computer, which means that there is available bandwidth for that account. This, I think, is enough to ascertain that the problem may be with Multcloud. 
    Can you please try transferring a Mega file from Multcloud from your end, please? :smile:

    UPDATE: One of my files (700MB) went through, the others failed, again, with a "bandwidth exceed" error.

    UPDATE 2: I checked, and transferring TO Mega works, but transferring FROM Mega does not work.
  • @prta009, thank you for your reply. We will contact Mega to see what caused this problem.
  • @Prta009, no, we have not received the reply from MEGA.
  • Can you reproduce the problem on your end?
  • @Prta009, we cannot reproduce it. So I am wondering whether you were downloading files through Mega or you operated some files many times that day?
  • @AomeiMultcloud , as a matter of fact, I'm still unable to copy my Mega files to my Google Drive. Will report updates in this thread in a few days perhaps after some more testing.
  • UPDATE: I had a few test runs, and I'm thoroughly confused. Certain files always, ALWAYS fail to transfer with a "bandwidth exceed" error, IRRESPECTIVE of what MEGA account I'm trying to transfer them from. Other files, however, seem to transfer completely fine. This is completely beyond me. Any clues? It should be noted that the these are the same files that I was always able to transfer, for a long period of time, before I first hit that erroneous "Bandwidth Exceed" message, and it has not stopped since.
  • @prta009, are you using the free MEGA account? Please try to upload it to the paid account and try again. Besides, there's a bad news to you. We received the reply from MEGA but they refused to help us saying it's a privacy-focused company that refused to provide technical support to third-party services including MultCloud. We will try our best to resolve this problem but it's very hard now because MEGA is not developed by us. Anyway, our developers will work hard to resolve it.
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    Mhm, I would also like to point out that Mega uses IP addresses to allot quota to *free* users, and when I attempted to see, I could see that your servers login from the same IP address, though I can't say if they do transfers with the same IP addresses for everyone. The problem with this: it may render Multcloud virtually useless to all non-paying customers of Mega, because even though they've not used any transfer bandwidth themselves, your IP addresses may be allotted a low amount of bandwidth that all free users pull from. Anyways, weird since I could copy my files just fine with my free Mega accounts, but cannot anymore (paid accounts/ or accounts with achieved bandwidth are working fine). Maybe some internal changes by Mega? Hard to say since their "privacy" = non-transparency for any so called third parties that their customers may want to use to better their experience. 
    Transferring to MEGA works, though, and that is that for what it's worth.

    Thank you anyways, @AomeiMultcloud , for following up with me on this "bug" report, and it is sad to see that Mega won't let Multcloud operate with it anymore, unless of course the developers come up with a way to mitigate this issue, by maybe using dynamic IP's or whatever.  :)
  • @Prta009, thank you for your understanding. I will report it to the development department. Hope this problem can be resolved by using dynamic IP.
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