Can't log in, Request Error?

Hi, I can't log in today. I'm sure the password is correct, 'cuz it's saved password by browser. Tried different browsers, still same result.


  • I noticed the same issue this morning about I tried logging in 6-7 hours ago. Would be cool to have a status page online somewhere.

  • I got same problem too, forgot password option doesnt work either.

  • I had the exact same problem as well. I was doing file transfers from DropBox to BaiDu when I noticed it just... Wasn't moving anymore. I refreshed the page when all of my cloud storages disappeared, so I tried re-adding them but only got a Network Error. So I tried logging out and got another network error.

    After closing the page (I was in Incognito mode) and opening it up again, I was logged out. However it was impossible to sign back in again.

  • Same problem here.  Unable to login and it keeps on saying request error..

  • It seems back to normal again...

  • It's working, all good now.

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