When will Google Photos be working again?

Hi MultCloud People

First of all, let me say from what i have seen this seems like a great service. I registered hoping that I could use it to copy my Flickr photo albums to my Google Photos account. I tried but it won't work, I get "Failed to list files" errors on Google Photos.

Then I discovered that there is a problem at the moment, you say "We apologize that our Google Photo API (Picasa API) is deprecated. We are migrating the latest Google API into our service. Hope it can be fixed ASAP."


How do we know when this is going to be fixed?

Maybe you should disable the Google Photos option until it is fixed to stop other people wasting their time.

Thank you so much for any information.

All the Best Basil Brooks  :)


  • @basilb, we will keep you posted if this problem is resolved and we will disable the Google Photos option until it's fixed. Thank you for your suggestion.
  • I join @basilb in this discussion, I am looking forward to get Google Photos integration up again because I need it a lot at the moment. As of today, 11th of June, it is still not working and adding new google photos accounts is still permitted. Disabling should be fast and easy. Thank you very much for your service, it is great. If any technical help is appreciated feel free to ask, I'm willing to.
  • @Bracco23, thank you for your support. Google Photos is not fully supported now. This problem is related to the quota limit. The quota limit for requests to access media bytes (by loading a photo or video from a base URL) is 75,000 requests per project per day. As we have a large base of users of Google Photos so the quota limit is not sufficient. We have been contacting Google Photos but they rejected us because we are not their partner. We tried to contact them to be their partner, but we have not received their reply.
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