amazon cloud drive doesn't add in

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I've been able to add my dropbox account ok but whenever i go through the steps for adding my amazon cloud drive account it looks as though it works but nothing appears in my cloud drives section. watching the urls there is a flicker of a multcloud jserror url which immediately sends me back to the multcloud welcome page

any ideas? (i want to be able to transfer my dropbox photos into my amazon cloud drive using multdrive


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    this problem is still "alive". Could you tell us please, when it will be possible to use Amazon Cloud Drive Accounts?

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  • I have been able to make transfers into my amazon cloud drive so long as they are only 1-3 gigabytes, but when I try to do any larger tranfsers the transfer fails and gives an error message that there is insufficient space.  This happens when transfering from both one drive and google drive.  Is there any workaround?  I was hoping to be able to make larger transfers.  

  • At the beginning.  I think I figured out why though.  I have unlimited photo storage and I'm trying to transfer photos but it is recognizing the 5 gb limit for other types of files and capping me at that.  Is there are workaround or will I be limited to 5 gb at a time so long as I stick with the unlimited photo option on amazon?

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