Adding Google Photos Cloud Drive - Failed to list files

I'm trying to add a new Google Photos Cloud Drive and see the following message when I've signed in to Google:
Failed to list files, you could try to edit the cloud drive or re-add it to MultCloud

Following that, the Drive adds, seemingly successfully, but will not expand. Each time, it shows the same message.

If I then attempt a Cloud Sync, I see this error:
Bad Request The Picasa API is deprecated. See for more details

I'm guessing that Google have changed the API then? Is this something that's likely to be fixed?


  • @Gordonsalive2003, we are migrating the latest Google API into our service. Hope it can be fixed ASAP.
  • I've had the same problem for 3 weeks now. Come on Multcould - please fix this bug with Google Photos. I would like to get paid membership again but won't do so again until this problem is fixed. Multcloud is my main way to backup from Flickr to Google Photos. 
  • @Aleksavo, we will try our best to resolve it.
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