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Adding Google Photos Cloud Drive - Failed to list files

I'm trying to add a new Google Photos Cloud Drive and see the following message when I've signed in to Google:
Failed to list files, you could try to edit the cloud drive or re-add it to MultCloud

Following that, the Drive adds, seemingly successfully, but will not expand. Each time, it shows the same message.

If I then attempt a Cloud Sync, I see this error:
Bad Request The Picasa API is deprecated. See https://developers.google.com/picasa-web/ for more details

I'm guessing that Google have changed the API then? Is this something that's likely to be fixed?


  • @Gordonsalive2003, we are migrating the latest Google API into our service. Hope it can be fixed ASAP.
  • I've had the same problem for 3 weeks now. Come on Multcould - please fix this bug with Google Photos. I would like to get paid membership again but won't do so again until this problem is fixed. Multcloud is my main way to backup from Flickr to Google Photos. 
  • @Aleksavo, we will try our best to resolve it.
  • I would like to use a CloudSync from OneDrive to Google Photos. I get the same error as Gordonsalive2003

    I'm stuck. :#

    How long does it take to resolve this issue?

  • @Ml3550, sorry for the inconvenience. We cannot tell you when it will be fixed because it needs Google Photos' help.
  • @AomeiMultcloud
    What does it mean? Are you in contact with google or do you just wait and hope, that the error will be fixed soon?
  • @ml3550
    For the problem you encountered, it's related to the 429. For the 429 quota limit problem, we have been contacting Google to help us resolve this problem but they rejected our request because we are not their partner. The quota limit for requests to access media bytes (by loading a photo or video from a base URL) is 75,000 requests per project per day. You can retry this task tomorrow but I am not sure if it works because we have many users that are using Google Photos.

    Please be assured we will keep you posted when this problem is resolved.

  • @AomeiMultcloud
    I read, that the the problem of not able to access Google Photos has been fixed. Great news!
    So I re-added it to MultCloud and was able to see the content of my folders "Albums" and "Sharing".
    Unfortunately, there was an error while listing the files from folder "Photos". Nevertheless, I started to sync my photos from OneDrive to GooglePhotos. It worked for a few files, but for the most files, I got the error 42@AomeiMultcloud

    So, the service to sync from OneDrive to <google Photos is still useless.
    What can I do to fix it?
  • @ml3550
    We contacted Google again not long ago and have successfully applied for more quota, but since we have many users are using Google Photos, therefore, this error might still occur when the quota is used up. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. But comparing to the situation that used to be, now more users can transfer files from or to Google Photos. So we suggest that you can retry this process tomorrow.
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