Baidu cloud folders

Baidu cloud is uploading folders on Chinese language (photos, videos, documents...) and we can not rename them. 

2nd folders uploaded from Baidu are messing folder structure from files uploaded from  HDD to Baidu. Can you fix that? Can you setup so we can  upload correct struture of folders instead?


  • Yes, the folder layout is much much different. It's a little confusing at first but you get used to it. As for the renaming, you're unable to rename the folders (Though if I understand, you can't because they're inbuilt folders). This is directed both towards you Admin and Jdbmc.



    The main problem is the  "lin" folder but as I understand, not much can be done about it because of Baidu's restrictions.

    And jdbmc... This is for your second question


    I hope I helped.

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