Google Drive to FTP : how do we not creating a new folder in the destination ?

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If I have a Google drive account and ftp the root directory data to an FTP server, it will create a new folder with the Google drive name in multcloud. How do we FTP without creating a new folder ?


  • We created a Google Drive connection. By default it would name it "Google Drive". We also created an FTP connection.

    When we transfer the main/root folder of Google Drive to the FTP server, it will create a folder in the FTP server called "Google Drive" and transfer the file to that folder instead of just transferring the files to the FTP destination.

    When we transfer a folder "GTO" of Google Drive to the FTP server, it will transfer the whole folder to the FTP server, this is correct.

    So for the first case, how can we transfer the file without creating a folder in the destination?

  • Ok, how can I transfer from Google drive to an FTP server without creating a folder in the FTP destination?

  • How can I transfer to the destination without creating a folder?

  • Hi admin, I am sorry that I missed out 1 important information.

    I was actually referring to transfer services.

    It only allows us to select a "directory" to transfer. Can you change it to files under a directory? That means I only want to transfer the files and send to the ftp destination without creating a folder.

  • Hi Admin, for transfer services automation, how can we transfer something from Google Drive to FTP destination without creating a folder at the FTP destination?

    It seems to me that it can't be done now. We should be given a folder parameter to enter so we can put "\" and it would dump to the root folder of the FTP destination. If we put "testing" in the folder parameter, it would transfer to the "testing" folder in the FTP destination.

  • Can we request a new feature to allow automation to transfer files but not the folder ?

  • Yes, I also need this, or is there a way to trick it?

    I am trying to move things into an ftp root directory from dropbox but it keeps making a folder in that drive.  So if I have files in dropbox/FILES/ and want to move them to ftp/  it won't work :-(

    Please add this feature, or at least a feature to choose destination directory, which we can set as root.

  • I have given up hope and joined the dark side .....

    Checkout wappwolf ...

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