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Paid for premium, account still stuck in free mode

Hi, I've been emailing Multcloud support and Cleverbridge for days now to get this resolved and no one really seems to care, so here we are in public. I paid for yearly premium using the Autumn deal on the 24th and as of the 26th and my account has been stuck in free mode (it's as if the premium never applied) for coming on almost 3 days as of typing this. I've only gotten one response from Multcloud/AOMEI says that they would "let the engineers know". 

Cleverbridge was contacted and they couldn't really help since they just process the payments. My reference number with them concerning my order was 154371860. I have the invoice to prove it and forwarded it to Multcloud support as well. Only after I threatened to chargeback my credit card did I get a response. I intend to make good on that or go through cleverbridge for a refund if I can't get this simple issue resolved.



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