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Accessing Box files

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Delighted to find this service, but having no luck with Box. (Dropbox seems to work fine). Although adding Box seems to go OK, I am unable to list files. Have tried deleting and re-adding the service, checking details carefully, but still no success.


  • Same problem, when i try to open my box account in multicloud i got this error on top:

    Failed to list files, please try again.

  • Having the same issue as Estimulo. I originally had no problem viewing either of the Box accounts I had set up...but now I cannot access either of them. I was wondering if it was because a password had been changed for either (or both) accounts...but I *also* was unable to find any menu to re-enter a password for any cloud service that had a PW changed.

  • tomtom
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    Just created a MultCloud account and linked a Box.com cloud account.

    I can get file listings for some Box.com folders but a few are saying "Failed to list files" .

    I tried creating a new folder in the Box.com folder heirarchy (via a login to Box.com) and copied the files from the folder that was giving the "Failed to list files" message in MultCloud.

    Then tried viewing that new folder in MultCloud but still got the "Failed to list files" message.

    There are only 12 files for total of 6.2 MB in this particular test folder.

  • Found that a URL item in the test folder is what seems to cause MultCloud problem listing the folder contents.  Removing that item from the Box.com folder allows MultCloud to be able to list the folder contents.

    The particular URL item has properties (via Box.com session) of :

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