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Recovering deleted files from trash

Today I tried to recover from trash folder a few deleted files. So I selected some of them and pressed right click and then click on recover. Then I selected the rest of them and I did the same process.

That's was when I went to the root of the cloud and SuRpRiSe!!! there are just to files recovered, I'm guessing they were the right clicked ones.

Soooooo...... What to do next? Can somebody help me?

-> I'm not the owner of those files
-> Cloud is Google drive


  • Did you mean you want to recover files from the trash? Or did you mean you want to recover files deleted from the trash? If it's the first situation, please go to the root directory of your Google Drive, select the files that you want to recover and right click "Restore" and they will return to the root directory of Google Drive.
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    What I mean is I deleted some files from the root of google drive, then I went to trash, I selected them press right click then recover and the files never were recovered

  • That's strange enough. We tested from our side and everything is normal. Would you please retry it? Or please recover it via Google Drive's official website.

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