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Lost data on DROPBOX and moved recorded to GOOGLE DRIVE but I am still losing

So I learned my lesson with dropbox where if a file is deleted off one computer, it is deleted from the dropbox cloud and then from all computers that you are syncing too.  There ended up being multiple dropbox folders created under the main dropbox folder eg (version 1)  (version 2) etc.   I have transferred files on multiple occasions to google drive via multcloud, each time trying to combine the information again into one folder so I can reduce them and have info all back in one spot.  BUT it's not working.

Does anyone have any ideas?
files deleted
did transfer to drive
files recovered in dropbox
did transfer to drive, overriding and adding files
transferred back to dropbox.
data has been deleted


  • @denisebrow, When transfer files from the source cloud to the target  cloud, yes, MultCloud would not preserve the timeline BUT it would not delete your files  unlesss you delete it manually or you have enable"remove" feature w hen the transfer is complete. So please confirm which transfer/sync you were using.
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