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Transer from DropBox to Onedrive for Business stops

The One-way incremental sync of files from DropBox to OneDrrive for business stops (hangs) at 3,32% of the transfer (Files processed: 184/5533; Data processed: 65.5MB/4.1GB). The sync task is active for over 24 hours now, but there is no progression whatsoever. Can you please help me solving this problem?


  • @rvanleeuwenmadam , what's the statusof your task now? If your data is very large, please create different sync tasks to transfer them in  in batches.

  • @Monti Is your task still in the state of calculating the number of files? Please provide the screenshot of the current task status to us so we can analyze it.
  • @Monti, please delete this task and create new one to see if the problem persists.
  • @Monti, if your problem persists, please email us with your MultCloud email address because the post you published in this forum is a little bit hard to read due to the format problem.
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