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New feature: automatic distribution of files

The best thing I would like to do is the automatic distribution of
files … it means that I would like to have only one directory on my pc
in which I insert my files.

What MultCloud would do is: start to
synchronize the files with dropbox, then, when the space finishes it
would start to store on onedrive, then on Google drive and so on …

Obviously the user would define an order for accounts and would be able to disable this feature!


  • This is in principle a good idea. But an automatic choice could have an undesired result, losing any trace of your files. Some sort of rule is needed, as in all multilevel storage system we need an advice or cue about the actual position of our files. Say some sort of symlink or a thing like this.

    A different idea could be making multcloud as a transparent gateway to storage space. We could share the entire "disk set" via webdav and have a virtual representation of a file system which transparently points to files in several cloud storage spaces.

    Anyway this asks also for an intelligent choice of available space, say moving to slower and bigger storage space the files or directory which are less used.

    This is really a different project. Multcloud seems by now a simple, streamlined way to manage several cloud spaces "by hand". There is no automatic sync, this could be provided by the user if multcloud could re-share the space as a single webdav resource, with intelligent usage of space or without it, say you could use Dropbox for your daily work and move them by hand when the work is done or set a macro (using IFTT) to move an entire directory to another service when files are not accessed anymore.

    Deciding what Multcloud shoud (and could) do automatically and what should be left to users, manually or automatically (using an api), is something that seems beneficial for the initiative.

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