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data traaffic

I'm receiving a message that I've "consumed all traffic data" and I should purchase more. the icon on the top right of my page is red indicating 251.3GB/250GB. I purchased 100 more GB but the 100 isn't showing and I still receive the same message

Chris Harris

Your cleverbridge reference number: 139089925

Payment information

We have received your PayPal payment.Your PayPal billing agreement for cleverbridge, Inc. is now active.

Your products

Qty.Product nameDelivery
100GB data traffic
The unused bandwidth will accumulate to next month


  • Hi, we verify it and we see that you subscribed monthly subscription and your orginal data traffic is 150GB even though you purchased extra 100GB, however, you already used it up as you told us already your data status show "
    251.3GB/250GB", please confirm it.

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