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Mega.nz Transfer error and Some suggestions for this error control !!!

When i try to transfer files from mega to google drive i get this error on log.:-
"The bandwidth exceeds, please upgrade your mega account."

Can you look into this problem. 
I know, i have free mega account but 50GB of storage is more than enough for me for now and more than half of storage is empty.
(Here i have to admit i cant afford premium mega account and many others multicloud customers may too).

1) Suggestion:
Can you make your system move files from Free mega account to other service (in my case google drive) move at low transfer rate like Avg.Rate like  300KB/s - 600KB/s (or more upto highest supported).

2) Next suggestion workaround (using API):-
I think using API/APP function from mega will remove this error and make faster data transfer for free account too.
(Hope developers will look into it).

(i take this idea from otixo.com)

To add Mega to your multcloud account, you can follow these steps:

  • Log in to MEGA.
  • Click on Menu —> Developers —> Software Developer Kit.
  • Choose Create an App.
  • Read and agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Enter a name for the App (i.e. “multcloud”) and click on Save.
  • Your Key will then show in the section “Your Apps”.
  • Copy the Key.*
  • Go back to multcloud.
  • Switch to the "File Manager" tab.
  • Click on the "Add Cloud Drive" icon.
  • Choose MEGA from the list.
  • On the Add MEGA screen enter your username, password and the KEY ID which you copied earlier.

MEGA is now connected to multcloud!

The App Key is used to encrypt and decrypt your files when you connect MEGA through a third party application.

Hope MULTICLOUD Developers will approve or make some changes by this sugestion !!!


  • @ClearMemory, thank you for your feedback but I would like to let you know that MultCloud is written by Java and what Mega provides need C++. Anyway, I record it and will submit it to development team to see if they can write it via C++ and meanwhile we will try our best to resolve this problem in newer version.
  • @AomeiMultcloud glad to help hope it will be resolved.
    By the way how can i know if this error is resolved in next version, will you email me ??
    Will i get a notification ??
  • I am sorry that I do not know their plan as I am not in development team. Okey, if we resolve it, we will inform you.
  • @ClearMemory i tried your suggestion with the KEY ID but doesn´t work for me.  Even if i am not filling pass+KEY ID
    • On the Add MEGA screen enter your username, password and the KEY ID which you copied earlier.
  • @Gabito705, yes, you are right, when trying to add Mega to MultCloud, MultCloud would not ask you to enter in Key copied from Mega so that's strange enough that @ClearMemory can enter in key when trying to add  Mega via MultCloud.
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