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overwrite files

I noticed that when one copies a file from for eg onedrive to google drive and that file already exists there, multcloud creates a new file with (1). It would be better to ask the user if this file already exists and we want to overwrite it, or if we want to overwrite only newer files for eg.


  • I have recorded your suggestion.After that, will forward to the dev team.

    Thanks for your suggestion.

  • Since MultCloud does the file transfers off-line, I imagine that the best that MultCloud could do is have a default behaviour, along with a log file of what actually happens.  (An interesting option in addition to skip, overwrite, copy and keep both (with the (1) at the end) would be:

        Copy and keep both (rename original with [as of 2015-01-24] at the end)

    (of course, the date should be whatever today's date is.) 

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