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Copying from one google drive to another Google drive

edited December 2014 in Seek Help

I recently moved some of the folders (and files) from one Google drive account to another Google drive account. It is so easy to cut and paste.  However, I noticed that my Google spreadsheets are now Excel files, amd my Google docs are Word documents. And my original Google forms are missing!

Does multcloud convert them when they are moved between drives? This is horrible as now all of the work i did to create these forms, sheets, and docs are gone!

Is this just a bug or should i have known this beforehand?  Any advice?


  • These format is Google's own format.But, MultCloud can't recognize.So,there is a file type change.But, There is no way back again.

  • That should be stated on here as help for people who want to copy/move from one Google drive to another. I lost all connections between forms and sheets, and merged docs. It created quite a mess and tons of extra work.

  • For future use it mignt be worthwhile to look at the online program CLOUD CONVERT.  It converts online, from / to a wide variety of formats --- but what could be especially useful as well as sending you an email to say the conversion has been succesful it lets you chose which Cloud service you want your converted file to be saved to.  In other words as well as converting (or not) your file it can carry out a transfer at the same time.  Useful, I think.  There is some limited  usage which is free.  


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