Dashboard / Log Files?

It would be real nice if there was a dashboard of past, current and pending tasks associated with my MultCloud account.  (If storage space is needed for such things, I'd be happy to let it be put on any of my attached clouds.)

I think that I'd like to see the following information:

Start Time:

Stop Time:


Average Transfer Rate from source cloud:

Average Transfer Rate to destination cloud:

(any guess at where bottlenecks might exist would be nice)

List of files/folders.

Some of what I'd hope to acomplish with this feature include:

1 - Having a record of what I've done, to be sure that I haven't missed things.

2 - Getting a better understanding of the from/to transfer rates from my clouds.  I realize that at some point the transfer rate might be limited by your bandwidth, but until that time it would be nice to know what the relative transfer rates are.  (You might just be able to post global statistics about this one - I don't realy know.)  This would help me know which services I should directly backup to and which ones I should use MultCloud to mirror.  (As far as I know, the only cloud service that claims to do any smart processing of uploads is DropBox.  In theory, if I want to back up my install CDs/DVDs to DropBox, most of the time DropBox will see that it already has a copy of the same files in someone else's account and then the files will almost instantly appear in my own account.  On the other hand, such matching wouldn't be possible with things like home movies (large, unique files), so once again there's the questions of "Which cloud is allowing me to upload as fast as my ISP will let me send data?" and "Which cloud is allowing MultCloud to send it data the fastest?")


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