With OneDrive/Office365 offering unlimited storage (soon?) it may be come my cloud of choice.  I am wondering what the technical details are of OneDrive only allowing files under 100MB to be copied in to my OneDrive acount.  I assume that this is an API issue.  I believe that OneDrive has raised it's max file size to something huge (like 10GB), so it seems odd that their API will limit file sizes.  (or maybe not - there may be a lot of us who want to do 20TB backups onto their system, if it really is unlimited size/fixed cost.)

If there's anyone we should be bugging at Mircosoft to get an API fix, please let us know.

(In the meantime, I've noticed that MultCloud will copy larger files, but they will fail at the point when they are 100% transfered but can't be saved - I'm not sure if that means that the programmer is expecting the 100GB to go up any time now, rather than checking the file sizes in advance and rejecting the larger ones.)


  • Onedrive have a limit of transimission amount about 1500G every day.Other drive no have a limit of transimission amount.

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