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Constant move/copy failure

edited November 2014 in Seek Help

Hi, I joined MultCloud yesterday and file transition was smooth. But today I cannot move my files from my FTP to OneDrive anymore, the processes keep restarting at ~40%. Is this temporary or is there any restriction on MultCloud?


  • Hi, I also have a constant move/copy failure when going from dropbox to google drive. an error at the top of the screen says, 'not enough space' but there is about 85gb available in google destination drive. thanks

  • Are you sure there is 85 gb of free space? Or your files more than 85gb. Could you post a screenshot?

  • I wonder if this might be what's going on - the last time that I checked (two months ago), anything other than the OneDrive App and Web Page were limited to 100MB as the maximum file size that can be copied in to OneDrive.  (If you go through the OneDrive App or Web Page, then files can be up to 10GB in size.)  This limit is one-way only - there are no file size restrictions on copying files from OneDrive.  The other place you might see this limitation is when if you mount your OneDrive as a driver letter in Windows.

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