Main Threads:Premium account but still not 10 transfer threads
  • I have upgraded to the quarterly membership but I still can't have the 10 multithread transfer. Can you please help ?

  • Did you mean 10 tasks? If this is the case,for multithread,it does not mean 10 transfer tasks.It means 10 files to be transferred at a time.Besides,for "cloud transfer" task,please click "detailed" s o that you can see 10 threads as long as your task is running.

  • Ok it works at expected now.

    Since I upgraded while the transfer was proceeding, I had to cancel the process and relaunch it. Now I have the 10 files to be copied at the same time.

    Thanks for the quick reply

  • Hi. I am only receiving three threads in my Cloud Transfer Task, but I paid for the premium service so that I could receive 10.

    Nevermind, I am good, thank you.

  • Based on this case,please cancel this task first and retry it so that you can see 10 threads.

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