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    I have successfully added two separate Flickr accounts, and wish to transfer/copy or sync albums/collections from FlickrA to FlickrB.  So I go to the "Cloud Transfer" and choose From:FlickrA/Albums and then To:FlickrB/Albums and it Fails...?  What am I doing wrong?  I want the photos and albums to be the same on both. Right now FlickrA has all the photos, and FlickrB is empty.


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    Based on your email address I find this error info from our system,please upload a picture to "My photostream" first and retry it to see if problem persists.

  • Thanks for fast reply.  I think I got it to transfer the photos, but they did not duplicate the albums from FlickrA to FlickrB.  I did a "sync" specifying "FlickrA" as the source and "FlickrB/Albums" as the destination.  So the photos were copied into the FlickrB Camera Roll, but the Albums did not copy over the same.  I could not get it to do folders on A to create same folders on B.

    Happy to try again, if there is a way to keep the folders on destination the same.


  • Did you mean that you want to MultCloud to generate duplicated files? If this is the case,for "sync" function,MultCloud won't generate duplicated files.If there are same files,then MultCloud would replace it automatically.

  • No, what I meant was the "albums" on FlickrA did not get duplicated on FlickrB.  FlickrB now has all the photos in the photostream, but I will have to manually recreate the "albums" on FlickrB and add the photos to each.  I was hoping Multicloud would be able to reproduce the album structure on FlickrB.


  • For "sync" feature,MultCloud only sync those content which is under"Albums" to destination cloud.

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