Main Threads:Add Real-Time Syncing
  • If I'm understanding correctly, the syncing between accounts is a once and done? e.g., I synced (two-way) a Dropbox folder with a Google Drive folder...but these folders won't continue to update when the files change unless I run the task again or schedule it, correct? And three times daily isn't frequently enough.


  • Yes,MultCloud does not support real-time sync currently and we will consider to add a feature of real-time sync in the near future.

    Thank you for your attention.

  • I would use this tool if it had real time syncing from Google Drive to AWS S3

  • I have already submited this feedback to our dev team.Let's see it will be acheived in the near future.

  • hope to see this feature.  btw does the team has an update list that can show us what new features are updated

  • I am sorry that I am not in their department team so I do not know their plan.

    Your understanding would be much appreciated.

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