Multcloud is down

Multcloud is down, when is it going back online? My unlimited expires tomorrow so I wanted to transfer everything today to my Mega, but since it's down I won't have time to do it... I hope we get + 1 day of unlimited for this down time.


  • @Bilosta, sorry for the inconvenience. We fixed this problem, please try again.
  • Yeah site is up now, but I lost full day and couldn't transfer my stuff. Now my unlimited plan expired and I'm stuck with files that should've been transferred yesterday. After year of unlimited plan I won't continue using this service.
  • @Bilosta, please send your MultCloud account to us so we can extend 1day of the unlimited plan to you.
  • @AomeiMultcloud I sent you private message
  • Aaaand nothing... No need to extend it now. My other services expired now too. I had to download stuff and now uploading manually myself.
    You guys really need to have better communication with your customers. If you were really intending to extend it then it should've been done immediately, but now that 3 days passed and nothing, there's really no need to extend it now.
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