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-- List of issues/suggestions needed to be addressed: --

These suggestions/issues has been brought to our attention and will be shared with the development team:
  1. Torrents/Magnet Links sometimes don't work,
  2. Torrents Downloaded are incomplete, but marked as successful (verified by Jnsystems)
  3. Sub accounts do not appear (no options) in new version of web UI
    New Version of Web UI -> Sub User -> Add User, change wording from |existed| to |existing| 
  4. Add Cloud: Wasabi.com
    4b. On 2 Way Sync, when 2 way syncing excel/ppt/doc files, update the file instead of replacing it.
  5. Faster Torrent Parsing/Downloads and possible adding new servers
  6. MultCloud Mobile App/MultCloud CLI
  7. Improved transfer speeds - Especially for a single file.
  8. Add Cloud: Terabox (Formerly DU BOX)  (If their api releases)
  9. Syncing files, some files may be missing at the target destination
  10. URL Remote Upload API to be improved
  11. Scheduled Tasks - Add more functions/boxes to download more frequently
  12. Scheduled Tasks - Transfer Cloud to Cloud More Frequently
  13. Seed Downloaded Torrents from Cloud, and supporting torrents (private trackers)
  14. Remote URL - Download from specific locations and allow adding VPN credentials
  15. FTP/SFTP needs to be improved and have a better engine
  16. MultCloud to support Shared Drives
  17. Possible more threads to transfer files.
  18. Transferring from Shared URL from Google Drive to Other Clouds
  19. Repeated Tasks Stuck at waiting even if other tasks is not running.
  20. If performing a cloud transfer on a Multcloud Yearly Plan or Higher, Cache all of the files from one cloud to reduce errors.
  21. Maybe MultCloud Enterprise as a new plan to run virtual machines on MultCloud that saves directly to cloud, to make saving files limitless.
  22. Get Cloud Account Email/Username that is linked on Multcloud Servers.
  23. 2 Factor Authentication/Security Key Authentication 
  24. Add Mircosoft Sharepoint as a Cloud
  25. Add these New Storage Providers as a cloud shown on https://rclone.org/overview/
If there is something I forgot on this list, DM me to verify. This list is constantly updated when needed.


  • @Jnsystems, Thank you so much. We will submit them to our dev team.
  • 7. I hope terabox will release api
  • What about 2 factor Authentication??? 
  • Can you add MS sharepoints, everytime I move anything from Site (sharepoints) to My Drive (One Drive). Microsoft functions badly and misses many files  ??
  • @SolluSITES -> Thanks for notifying us, added to the development list.
    @kingbros007 -> Thanks for notifying us, added to the development list, this shouldn't be too hard but time consuming to add in because Mircosoft is being wierd.
  • GREAT!!! Excellent... 2FA is a MANDATORY feature, as we use 2FA on ALL our accounts and MultCloud becomes a CRITICAL threatening factor to the security of our files... Please, implement this urgently... :) 
  • Our dev team is developing the feature.
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