3 KB/s transfer speed. really?

I upgraded to Premium and bought additional 100 GB transfer data to get 3 KB/s speed,  id this a Joke?

Data processed: 17.1MB/216.8GB

Start time: 2020-08-14 05:04:52

Remaining time: 77576307545ms

Progress: 0.36%

Current Rate: 3.5KB/s

Avg.Rate: 2.9KB/s

Remaining time: 77576300366ms

Progress: 0.36%

Current Rate: 0.6KB/s

Avg.Rate: 2.9KB/s

Elapsed time: 2h 2m 22s



  • Hello Easternweavers,
    Did you start the task before you upgrade the account? If yes, please cancel the process, and then run the task again.
    In addition, did you use the transfer feature or sync feature? 

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